Principal's Message

Welcome to St. Joseph, a premiere institution that promised to transform education more than a decade ago . St. Joseph has enjoyed an excellent academic reputation since its inception in 1987 and students continue to excel. It gives me immense pleasure to state that it has taken long strides and grown with the aim of providing quality education to students alongwith their holistic development. This zeal & enthusiasm comes from our hon'able Founder Chairperson Mrs. Pushplata Agrawal who has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for us. I truly extent my heart-felt wishes and sincere gratitude to her for inspiring & encouraging us to go an extra mile for our duty.

At St Joseph, we foster multifaceted education in our children encouraging them to channel their talent in the pursuit of excellence. This can only happen in a holistic, student centric environment. Each student's strength and abilities must be recognised, nurtured and promoted so that he or she may achieve greater heights.

Carrying forward the legacy , with the vision of providing qualitative education to the children, I am committed with the responsibility for preparing students to meet tomorrow's challenges and encouraging them to be socially engaged. Thus, the students will be capable enough to shoulder their social responsibilities. The creativity of each student is honed to develop it to its fullest potential. At St. Joseph, the emphasis is on the journey of the individual student and the celebration of their unique strengths and talents. St. Joseph is committed to the values of providing excellence in liberal education for generations of students who aspire for the stars.

Our new branch is opened with a vision of a child centric approach to promote learning and instilling scientific mindset in our children. The students remain at the centre of the myriad activities of the school. School has a laboratory facility, Modern Campus, Auditorium, Library , Shooting Room, Textile Designing Facility , Carpentry Learning Facility and vast sports field. In short, it is equipped with every facility under one name. One finds a balanced and healthy mix of cultural tradition and modernity in the ethos of St. Joseph.

In this Covid-19 pandemic where classes were conducted through virtual means, dedicated faculty provided the best in teaching - learning tradition while meandering through the curriculum & demonstrating their care and consideration for the students by working from home to engage online courses for the benefits of the students. I admired their dedication to academics and consideration for the students. They have been engaging in logistical tasks by going beyond the call of their duty.

'A sapling can become healthy plant and bear fruits, only when it is properly nurtured by the gardener.' We are partners in learning with students and strive to broaden their horizon by engaging and enriching experiences.

The most powerful force in shaping a child's future is of their parents. Their unwavering support inspires us to do more. I appreciate their confidence in us. Ours is a caring community where students' needs are a priority and where traditional Indian and modern Western educational values are respected and encouraged to coexist. I am optimistic that the students of St Joseph will make themselves stronger day by day, contributing to the school's grandeur.